Merry Christmas!! and Thank You!!

Dear Blossoms members

Mount Fuji covered in snow (taken from the plane).

Mount Fuji

Merry Christmas !!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and every best wish for 2015!

I also want to say Thank You very much for everything!

I am going to miss you all but I am looking forward to
seeing you again one day!!

take care!

best wishes,


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween !


Have fun!!

what shall I be?

Hello everyone,

It's getting chilly , isn't it?

... and Halloween is approaching

Do you have any plans for Halloween this year?

I wonder ... What shall I be this year?

Mmmm ... Let me see ...

続きを読む »

more rain !


Heavy rain ... again!

Here are two useful phrases about rain:

It's pouring down.

It's raining cats and dogs.

They both mean "It's raining heavily".

Why don't you use one of these new phrases
in your next class? 

And don't forget your umbrella!

bye for now ♪


Earlier on this evening was the postponed fireworks display from
last week -  did you enjoy them?

I did. Although I don't usually watch the fireworks, this year I
enjoyed watching the bursts of colours and sparkles in the sky.
I felt they helped to dispel the gloom of the past couple of weeks.

I hope you are enjoying your summer.

I feel it is slightly cooler this summer, don't you?