End of Year Message for Blossoms Students

Hello everyone ��

How are you? I expect many of you, like myself, are "snowed under" at this time
of year with a lot of things to do! ������� ( "to be snowed under" is an idiom
which means to have a lot of things to do!) very appropriate for this
season don't you think?

Saturday the 27th was the last day of classes at Blossoms English Cottage for this year and it has been a very busy year for me but a very enjoyable one ! 2008 was the year of the official opening of Blossoms English Cottage... and since then I have been learning many things about running a school.

I would like to say a big


to each of you for studying English with me and supporting us �G���������͂��Ă�������

Opening my own school had been one of my "dreams" / ambitions for a while. And now thanks to you it has happened! Thank you everyone. I appreciate your support.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and I am looking forward to meeting you in 2009!!


テーマ : 英語教室 - ジャンル : 学校・教育

I'm back!

Hello everyone

It's been a while since my last blog. I had been feeling a bit under the
weather but now I am almost back to normal again. 絵文字名を入力してください

This season is a busy one. There is so much to do what with sending
Christmas cards, putting up decorations, buying presents to send back
home and of course New Year Cleaningダッシュ

Today I put the Christmas Tree up ツリー It looks very pretty
so please have a look next class.

It is very cold at the moment in England with temperatures as low
as -5℃ at night. There is even talk of a white Christmas.... 雪だるま

Well, that's all for now.

Goodnight あのひよこ

テーマ : 英語教室 - ジャンル : 学校・教育

A Cold...

Hello everyone にか

I am sorry for cancelling recent classes at Blossoms
English Cottage ごめそ

I am sorry to say that I have caught a heavy cold... with all
the usual symptoms: blocked nose, cough, headache and last
night a slight fever. ...落ち込み

However I have bee resting in bed and
burning EUCALYPTUS essential oil for a natural alternative
remedy. It is very effective in clearing my blocked nose.
There are various ways you can use it: add a few drops to
the bath; burn it in an oil burner; put a drop on a tissue
and inhale... 絵文字名を入力してください

Well, it's time for me to go back to bed and rest ぐーぐー  

I am looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Take Care everyone. Don't forget to gargle regularly!


テーマ : 英語教室 - ジャンル : 学校・教育