Asian Dust?

Hello everyone ���炫��

It was hazy today, wasn't it? The view from Blossoms English
Cottage classroom was quite faint.

I wondered if it may have been Asian Dust : the yellow dust
that originates in the deserts of Mongolia, northern China
and Kazakhstan.

I was surprised the first time I heard about Asian Dust .
It is quite a remarkable phenomenon! just think of that
sand travelling all that way...

The power of Nature.



テーマ : 英語教室 - ジャンル : 学校・教育


Good Evening Everyone �G���������͂��Ă�������

Today is a Public Holiday : National Foundation Day ��̊�

This morning we went for a bike ride around the neighbourhood.
Even though we have lived here for a while, there were places
I had never seen before! It was interesting.

Then home and oden for lunch. �x��

My current top 3 Japanese foods:

1. Oden
2. Miso soup
3. Grilled "hokke"

That's all for today. Bath and stretching time!


テーマ : 英語教室 - ジャンル : 学校・教育

Stiff Neck and Shoulders

Hello ��

This afternoon was fairly warm, don't you think?

Recently I have been suffering from stiff shoulders and a
stiff neck..���[��
So, I am trying to stretch every night after taking a bath.
Sometimes I am too tired but I must try and keep it up.

I want to practice Yoga again..


テーマ : 英語教室 - ジャンル : 学校・教育

Traditional Japanese Card Games

Good Evening Everyone ���[�Y2

Today I worked at the University.

Y 先生 often has interesting things to say about Japanese culture.

Today he brought 3 card games to show me: "百人一首" , "カルタ" and "花ふだ" .
I thought the cards were beautifully illustrated and looked interesting.

I'd like to try and play one day!...  �I���vG1

I like learning about such things.


テーマ : 英語教室 - ジャンル : 学校・教育