Grande Earl Grey

Hi smile

Some of my students invited me out for lunch today after
the class so we went to Starbucks. I didn't know there was
one in the hospital of Kochi University.

I had a vegetable sandwich which was good, but the highlight
was the Grande Earl Grey!

The perfect size for me ...

And there is fresh milk ....

I was very content with my tea  �n�[�g����ς�2

The Starbucks staff were enthusiastic in promoting all kinds
of frappucinos, lattes and other beverages, but I was quite
happy with my plain, simple (and large) tea.

I might be fulfilling the stereotype, but an English woman
simply must have her tea!



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a serene spot

Hello �G���������͂��Ă�������

As it was such a pleasant day today, we decided to go out
for lunch.

N san had recommended a cafe to us called "Cotton Time",
so we decided to head there.

What a great spot! located among paddy fields. A peaceful
and serene place.

The cafe was nice and we enjoyed lunch sitting outside
on the deck gazing at the view �G���������͂��Ă�������

After lunch , we meandered around KOKUBUNKI Temple
which is just a stone's throw away from "Cotton Time".

It was cool and tranquil inside the grounds of the temple...


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paper carp

Good evening everyone Brilliant.

It has been rather hot recently!

I don't recall May being this hot before...

During the Golden Week Holiday we visited the こいのぼり
festival in Ino. I am accustomed to seeing the carp flags
flying high atop masts, but this was my first time to see them
in the river. Each fish seemed to be anchored down with a
stone and the currents of the river gave them the appearance
of swimming. It was a very colourful and attractive display.

I like Ino, with it's clear river, green mountains and tradition of
making Japanese paper.


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