a spiny lobster

Hello everyone �G���������͂��Ă�������

I ate "ise-ebi" the other night or "a spiny lobster".

That has got to be one of the most delicious foods I
have ever eaten!

It had the texture of a prawn but the taste was quite

It was grilled with butter , very simple but superb.
There was also ise-ebi
miso soup.

Yum! �G���������͂��Ă�������



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fairy lights

Hello everyone ���z��

Let me tell you about our magical evening!

We have just returned from a drive out to Haruno... M san had
mentioned that along a certain road in Haruno, next to a small river,
at the correct time, fire-flies can be seen.

At dusk, as the light was fading from the sky, we found the spot
and excitedly got out of the car.

We had a look around .... but there was no sign of any lights yet.
A couple was there ahead of us and spotted the first fire-fly.
A tiny bright light bobbing around in the trees �L���L��

At first, there was just one, then three, then five and suddenly
the area was filled with fire-flies : looking like so many fairy lights
floating in the darkness.

The sound of the babbling brook, the magical fairy lights, a distant
owl-like hooting, the delicate fragrance of flowers, the kind voice of
a stranger: all these things made it an evening to remember.


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... a hat

hello �G�ցG

A surprising thing happened today ...

Someone stole my hat! I think I saw who took it too!

It was my fault though. I left it in my bicycle basket before I entered
a shop. When I came out it had gone ...

I tend to leave things in my bicycle basket. It is a foolish habit of mine.

I better not do it anymore.

Oh well, nevermind ...

I know it was just a hat but it was my favourite hat ... �G���������͂��Ă�������

I have learned my lesson: I must be more careful in future.


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