Good Evening Everyone

There are times in Life when I feel that humans are so small.

Today , while watching the Solar Eclipse, I had that feeling.

Astronomers think that the Universe could contain 40 billion
to 50 billion galaxies.

Our Solar System is contained in one of those.

It takes 1 year for the earth to orbit the Sun.

In just 1 second the Earth is moving a significant distance.

Yet, we are unaware of these facts in our daily lives.

We become so caught up on the daily treadmill that is Life,
that we lose sense of who we are and where we come from.
The Big Picture becomes blurred.

Only at times like today, do we stop for a few moments to
watch the wondrous spectacle and pause to consider
our Life in relation to the Universe .... just for a few moments
before resuming our busy lives once more ....



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The Sea and Cucumbers

�n�[�g�B Hello

It had slipped my mind that today was a National Holiday :
Marine Day �� though the weather wasn't exactly ideal
for a day out to the beach...

While in Japan, people were celebrating The Sea, in Russia,
The Cucumber Festival was being held in order to honour the humble
cucumber! Apparently , all sorts of dishes are concocted from cucumbers,
including cucumber jam, cucumber cookies and cucumber burgers!


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