Hello everyone

What are you going to do tonight?

I'm going to watch the James Bond film "Dr No" - the first
ever James Bond film made in 1962.

I am a big fan of James Bond, (especially portrayed by Sean Connery).

After all, he is the famous British spy!


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brown rice and golden daffodils...

Monday trip to the "michi no eki" :

1 bag of brown rice*

1 tub of home-made miso

1 bunch of daffodils ...

I love daffodils... now I really feel spring has come!

(I like the "michi no eki" because of the local, fresh produce at reasonable prices).

*brown rice = 玄米

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an injured bird

While out walking last Wednesday morning, we came across
an injured bird.

One leg was damaged and it was unable to fly. However, it was a
beautiful bird.

We brought it home and wondered what to do.

Wan Park Kochi has an animal rescue service, but it is
closed on Wednesday.

After a call to the City Office, 2 men came to take the bird to
a vet and then Wan Park Kochi.

They arrived within 30 minutes of calling!

On the following day we went to Wan Park to see if we could
find out any information on the bird's progress,

We learned the bird was a rather rare Tiger Thrush* and was
quietly recovering although very weak.

I was very impressed with the service of the City Hall and Wan
Park Kochi!

I hope the Tiger Thrush is able to recover and fly once again

*Tiger Thrush = とらつぐみ

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