It's pouring down* today in Kochi City ...

Recently there has been a lot of rain.

I feel the rainy season has come early!

... but inside it is cosy with a cup of hot tea ..

*pour down = rain heavily


an artist

Hello everyone,

It has been raining a lot recently, hasn't it?

Today I want to tell you about my cousin.

His name is Rod.
He is an artist.
He is very good at drawing

I have a some pictures to show you. Would you like to see them?

This is his website. Please have a look and tell me what you think!


テーマ : 英語教室 - ジャンル : 学校・教育

whirlpools and streamers

Long Time No See!

Last week we went to Tokushima.

We ate at an excellent restaurant in the evening.

I tried abalone* for the first time.

The next day we went to see the whirlpools*
in Naruto. We took a boat trip to view them up close.
I managed to see several, pretty large whirlpools!

The scenery around Naruto was fantastic, especially
as all the cherry blossoms were in full bloom

On the way home we stopped off in Iya to take a short
boat trip up the Yoshino River.

This was particularly impressive as there were over
100 carp streamers flying.

It was a very enjoyable trip.

*abalone = あわび
*whirlpool = うずしお

テーマ : 英語教室 - ジャンル : 学校・教育