quiz answer

Hello again!

Well, here are the answers to the quiz :
Just a moment
Wait a moment
Just a tick
Wait a tick
Just a second
Wait a second
Just a minute
Wait a minute
Hang on
Hold on


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How are you all doing?
It's getting cooler isn't it?

How many ways can you say ちょっと待って下さい
in English?
I can think of 8 ways ... but there are probably more.

Please visit me again soon for the answer

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last thursday's supper

Home-made by K san!
I had never seen these before. A rice ball? a sweet?
Let's open it and see!


Mmm! tastier than a rice ball! and
I loved the tiny mushrooms!



It was a bit like opening a present!

Thank you K san! It was delicious!

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