happy faces

Three kinds of sunflower ...

happy faces

... grown by an elementary student!
Although he is 9, he already has green fingers!

I love them!


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rain! and a gadget

Tuesday night ... Rain .. at last !!

I want to show you my new gadget today (from MUJI) :

new gagdet

It's called a "portable thermohygrometer". It tells the current temperature and humidity level.

It even has a heat stroke warning. 1bar, 2 bars, 3 bars ...
4 bars danger ! Watch out!


Oops, 4 bars! I shouldn't really be in here! It's boiling
(There's no air conditioner in my room!)

See you all soon,

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a cricket..

While cleaning the hallway today, I came across a cricket*

I put him outside on a leaf..

a cricket = *コオロギ

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